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    Hi, my name is Mary Ray, owner of the Holly House Inn Bed and Breakfast.  Owning a Bed and Breakfast has always been a dream of mine.  When I bought my dream house in Holly three years ago, I thought this would be a good time to make my dream come true. 


    During my dream years, I went to Oakland University and received my B.A. degree and determined that if I wanted to open a B&B, I would need a background in Hotel Management and so off to Oakland Community College I went and got my degree in Hotel Management and Culinary Arts.  The Culinary Arts part would be easy (I am Italian and my son is a chef),  the hotel part would be a little bit of a challenge.  I worked in a couple of hotels in the area - including the four-star Royal Park Hotel in Rocester Hills and found out how much I enjoyed the "people experience."  Now it is my turn to serve people at "my pleasure" in my home. 


   The Holly House Inn Bed and Breakfast is a boutique B&B, and I call it that because I have only two rooms for your pleasure; each has its own bath, one has a jacuzzi.


   I would love to share my home with you, please take the time to relax and stay a night or two.


   I will be looking forward to meeting you.

                                                                                                              Thank You

                                                                                                              Mary Ray


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